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Unconference: Apps!

Date & Time: 14. November 2014 from 9.00-16.30

Place: Danish App Lab, Frederikskaj 10A, 2450 København SV

What’s all this talk about apps really about? Does it make sense for me and does it really contribute to the ways we interact and develop our society? Can it be learned how to develop an app? Should it be learned, so that understanding of and proficiency within app development serves as an integrated part of our knowledge? Is it just a short trend that will fade away in a couple of years, or are we really talking about substantial ways of changing and developing ways of communicating, understanding and interacting?


Come join this Unconference and deliver your view, aspect, idea, experiences etc. within apps and what they are and what they can do!


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At Danish App Lab we host, facilitate and support app projects developed among students, researchers, start-ups and companies in an informal experimental setting. Danish App Lab is a playground for app knowledge and development - created, developed and shared by and with its users, and our backers.


Danish App Lab is located at Aalborg University, Campus Copenhagen, and offers among other things:

  • Advanced prototype development
  • Components
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Co-creation
  • Tech talks
  • Cross-disciplinary projects
  • University/business collaboration